World’s first Facebook Live Pitch By Salt Brand Solutions

28 February 2017: Salt Brand Solutions responded to Nearbuy's call for a creative pitch by presenting also on Facebook Live in the process making it the world’s first Facebook Live Pitch. The reason Salt chose to do so was because it believes the current processes are rational and flawed.

Commenting on this, Mahesh Chauhan, founder, Salt Brand Solutions, says, “It’s exciting to see a young business leader breaking free of the conventional way of doing things. Ankur’s vision and passion to change the game clearly stand out and Salt would love to partner with him & brand Nearbuy. More importantly, he sparked a pertinent conversation about the way pitches themselves are conducted today. Besides demonstrating our way of thinking, taking our pitch live was a small first step towards making the pitch process more relevant in today’s times”. Further he said, “pitch fee debate is more about the symptom than the disease. The best work is produced by agency-client individual partnerships and that should form the crux of the process going forward. So chemistry between two cultures should be the focal point and not just strategy and creative.”

Salt Brand Solutions to Manage Re- Branding Exercise of AWPL

28th March 2017: Salt Brand Solutions bagged the mandate to rebrand AWPL.
Established close to two decades ago, AWPL is a team of specialists in providing Smart Business Process Automation and Optimization platforms. AWPL, designs valuable experiences for Insurance and Banking sectors across the globe. Today at the inflection point of fantastic growth, the company wishes to announce to the world their presence and talk of their expertise that differentiates them in the market – hence the exercise of re-christening the offering ground up.
The rebranding includes a change in identity and defining a new brand purpose for the brand. The approach will be holistic with the creation of sales collaterals, a new website and corporate films to help package the offering in a manner that is relevant today. This rebranding exercise will come into effect from May 2017.
Commenting on this, Mr. Arsh Maini, C.E.O. AWPL, “We are extremely happy to work with Salt Brand Solutions as our partners. Today, AWPL works with leading financial services firms and commands a sizable market share and it is therefore the right time to make investments to create a stronger brand presence. With their fresh approach, creative thinking and a deep sense of ownership, we feel Salt Brand Solutions is sure to add value.

Commenting on this, Mr. Siddhartha Singh, C.E.O. Salt Brand Solutions, “AWPL for us, have been an unassuming set of people with the most brilliant minds who are set to change the way Insurance companies work, the world over. Our interactions with the team in Bangalore, over the last couple of months have been the most enriching and we're all set to launch the new identity which is a unique story of bringing together process and the protagonist, in this case the consumer who lives in a connected world, right at the heart of the overall brand promise. A well differentiated story and an identity is what we hope to achieve with this exercise that has had us craft a value proposition for the brand like none other.”

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Salt Brand Solutions to manage digital communication for London Dairy

24th April 2017: Mumbai, 24th April 2017: Salt Brand Solutions has won the social media mandate for London Dairy India, a premium brand of ice creams, with a global presence in over 31 countries.
London Dairy, an established market leader in the premium ice cream segment is known for its products that boast of unique innovative flavors and creamy textures. The brand has been regularly reinforcing its premium position in India with innovations that are not only sensitive to the consumers’ discerning requirements but also continually shape the category.
The mandate given to Salt Brand Solutions includes managing London Dairy’s digital communication and social media presence in India. This collaboration will focus on co-creating a content forward strategy to help the brand reinforce their connect with consumers and drive awareness about their premium of offerings.
Speaking on his win, Siddhartha Singh, CEO of Salt Brand Solutions said, “We’re ecstatic to be associated with London Dairy. We are confident that we will help them in reaching out to their target audience and establish London Dairy as a premium brand of ice creams.”
Prashant Sarwade, Marketing Head, London Dairy said, “We are looking forward to this association with Salt and we hope to create new & unique connect with our audiences over social media.”

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