Mahesh Chauhan

Intensely passionate. Believer of dreams. Never-says-die. Nearly forget that I am human.

Life happened to me while I was trying to make something out of it. Challenges in one's teens have the ability to destroy or define an individual for life. I am glad adversity has been a stimulating and an inspiring co-traveler ever since. 

Siddhartha Singh

Driven. Emotional. Finicky. Family Man. Design Student.

A trip to NID (Ahmedabad) is what changed my life and the way one would approach brands and the importance of design in whatever we do. The magic happened when Science met Art. 


Deepa Chauhan

Wannabe Tea-Bar owner. Style statement – salt and pepper. Always have a plan B.

From being a jewelry marketer and stylist in another lifetime to domesticity and now advertising and food consultancy (and many hats worn in between) I hope I’m the proverbial rolling stone till the day I die… life is too short to be stuck in one place.

Neeraa Maini Srivastav

Executive Creative Director
Intense. Restless. Curious. Seeker. Stalking stories. Spiritualist.

Imagining 100 different uses of shoelaces years ago as part of a creative test led me to discover a gene in me that seemed to say 'Life is empty and meaningless if not lateral!' Advertising happened. Then storytelling. Then advertising. Then... still riding the wave, with one creative high after another.

Rishi Chanana

Executive Creative Director
Serves Happiness. Highway Rider. Winner. Passionate Listener.

Running away from my home in Chandigarh at the age of 19 to work in advertising changed my life forever. I survived on my own in Delhi for 5 months and 27 days till I got my first job.


Shiv Chitkara

Business Head
Stubborn. Opinionated. Backs the underdog. Foodie. Info junkie. 

A chance conversation over lunch a decade ago led to a job that in turn led to the discovery of what I now know is my calling. Working with many passionate perspectives to create meaningful work that works, and strikes a chord. 

Rizwan Burji

Digital Lead
Passionate. Foodie. Funny. Techie. Social. Gamer. Flirt.

The launch of the iPhone in 2007 changed my life because from that day on I was totally a member of the Apple family (and the advertising family). From that moment on, it was all about hunger, passion and technology for me.

Mohan B

Brand Partner
Eager Beaver. Engineer by mind. Kannada bibliophile. Biker. Underdog.

The shift from the printing industry to advertising happened by a stroke of luck and I am learning something new every day ever since. Also, being a photographer helps me in the creative process.

Vidya Karnam

Bangalore Lead
Dreamer. Relentless. Persuasive. Meticulous. Experimental. Foodie. Mother.

It took years of being in the wrong place, at the wrong time to finally discover what I really love doing. The creative thought process, the people, their backgrounds and how they use it to create something relevant for the brand is what excites me.

Natasha Biswas

Sr. Digital Associate
I believe that no one should have to live the same day over and over again and that’s why I am in Advertising. Advertising has taught me that life’s greatest lessons are first learnt by observing people and then by dropping some unfiltered opinions.

Low on patience. High-on hot chocolate. Enjoys epiphanies and mind-blowing conversations.

Mansha Kotwal

Jr. Digital Associate
Moments that make you feel lively or happy because you have achieved something or learnt something new, are the moments that Salt gives me. Every day is a new day and a new opportunity to learn something. In the midst of all the learning and chaos there’s also time and space for building friendships and that makes this place one whole package. Salt motivates me to be something and reach a height where one day I would feel proud of myself. At Salt, we grow through creativity, invention and innovation. I enjoy what I do.


Mihir Amrite

Brand Associate
Born in Mumbai, Bred in Kolhapur. BMM graduate, MEME hunter, dark humor enthusiast, part-time CIA agent and a chronic bullshitter. I survive on music, TV shows, food, gadgets, friends and did I mention beer?

Shirish Madghe

Creative Partner
An insomniac, a traveler at heart and a passionate cinema lover.

If i describe 'Salt' in a word, I will call it a BLOCKBUSTER.

Rupali Gaurav

Sr. Associate Designer
Salt is a place where I got the freedom to express my ideas and explore myself every day. I get to work with a team of fabulously skilled people who take pride in their craft, solving interesting challenges for the biggest brands. This is the place where work and fun goes hand in hand.

Suchitra Ghosh

Associate Creative Director
For someone who went to an art school and very diligently so, it should give you a fair picture of what this brain is all about. To me, art and writing are like conjoined twins where the chances of fatality are higher than survival, if separated. That explains why you will find my notepad where I’m usually scribbling out headlines, also full of weird doodles.

And when I’m finally done indulging in all of my weirdness, you will find me obsessing over shoes. So much so, that when I can’t find the kind of shoe I’m picturing myself wearing, I just create them. My dream is to have a walk-in closet for my footwear. Someday.

Aastha Sharma

Jr. Digital Associate
An avid reader, aspiring writer, and a style-enthusiast; I love books, blazers and big dreams, ripped-jeans and sangria, photographs and letters. Nurtured by Bombay and nostalgic about Calcutta, I'm an incorrigible optimist and an incurable romantic, believing in the power of conversations and connections.


Amol Polkade

Creative Associate
I love the salty climate here. Since it gives me the freedom to express my thoughts visually through Typography and Calligraphy.

Salt has given me the exposure to go beyond my limits and explore all kinds of illustration style. Other than this, I enjoy poetry and adventure, even though I have an attention span of a fruit fly.

Nandish Shirodkar

Digital Associate
I am a Computer Graduate from Goa and have been working at Salt as a Web Developer for about 2 years now. Every day here is a wonderful experience here as one gets the full freedom to express their views and be treated more like a friend rather than an employee. I also enjoy cricket, football, wrestling and carrom. In my free time here you can find me in the carrom room or playing FIFA on my computer.


Akshat Mirgal

IT Associate
My name is AKSHAT, not Akshay or Arshad or Akshad. You might get it wrong the first time, but that's ok.

I'm an I.T. grad, born and brought up in Mumbai, and I manage the IT Systems & Services at Salt.

So, if there is a problem with the net or the systems, you will probably hear my name being called out loud across the office.

And when everything is working fine, you'll find me watching TV Series and Movies at my desk.

Mallika Roy

Brand Partner
I am a chef trapped in a Brand Partner's body, with 9 yrs of experience in Publishing, Marketing and Advertising.

'Love and Gratitude' is my email signature and I try to reflect the same in my life and work too.

Puppy whisperer, food enthusiast, accomplice in crime for chocolates and food.

Proud owner of 3500 books and an Indian breed dog.

Currently experiencing life at the rate of 15WTFs per hour.

Vinayak Hegde

Creative Associate
The creative field is the only place where laziness and brilliance are even mildly related. Salt has taught me that I can always work harder; always push myself to go that extra mile and that the end result is worth all the work put in. I love what I do and get a happy feeling on the inside when I see something I have worked on come to fruition. Salt has shown me that rejection is just a small, necessary part of life and that if you continue to work hard, good things will always follow.

Sunil Kumar Somashekhar

Creative Associate
As a Creative Associate at Salt, I’ve been able to create work that has opened up my mind to the unlimited possibilities. The work environment at Salt has pushed me to learn new things and constantly driven me to do amazing work. My efforts are reflected in the work I do and that’s a sweet satisfaction. My potential is always realised here and I’m constantly encouraged to do better.

Sundeep Joseph

Brand Associate
Salt is all about freedom, the freedom to express myself in any manner and medium I see fit. I’ve been equipped with the tools and confidence to turn my spark of creativity into a raging fire. Salt makes me enjoy the work I do while challenging me at every step. It recognises my efforts and shoots down my stupidity without judgment, and I feel that is one of the best ways to grow. I’m happy that Salt found me when it did and with the environment it provides, I will strive to be the best that I can be.

Mohana Puttagaviranga

Creative Associate
How do you deal with being a workaholic? I try to reach new heights every day and channel my energy and soul into the work I do. Salt pushes me to do so and expects nothing but my best. I am happy to deliver what I can as early as possible. I have been working in this field for over 9 years and Salt is my favourite place to harness and hone my creative skills. My experience at Salt has been a learning process so far and I would like it to be so in the future as well.

Aiman Syed

Creative Associate
Between the hesitation to be an adult and the prospect of joining a workforce; I found Salt as my blank canvas to paint my journey. I’m in a place that lets my ideas roam free and always challenges me to be better than I am. Getting a job isn’t an achievement but working in a productive and supportive environment that helps circumvent through challenges on a daily basis is something that can’t be replicated. A place that lets you experiment is a place that never settles with the mediocre and I love that.

Paresh Patel

Studio Head
I have been a designer, visual artist and studio operator for over 23 years in Advertising. And in that time, I have worked with some of Mumbai’s top and finest agencies. As everyone knows Studio Department is the heart of any Advertising Agency and the roles and responsibilities are quite varied along with intricacies and challenges, yet nothing stops me. I believe in accuracy while designing any artwork even under tight deadlines. I play the Drums and Roto Toms in my free time. My humor is what keeps the atmosphere at work cheerful and encourages my team to work efficiently, to do a job that I absolutely love.

Priti Chandorkar

Creative Partner
One life and so many things to learn with loads to explore. Passionate about everything in life, to begin with, love for design, photography, calligraphy, music, reiki, vastushastra, yoga and much more. But amidst all my passions, advertising happens to be my constant love. A new brief, a new thought, a new lingo and exploring various modes of expression keeps me on my toes round the clock. Enjoying every bit of it, here I am to laugh, love and explore.

Dipti Chavan

Finance Associate
I am Dipti and I work in the most boring department in an advertising agency: Finance. All work, no fun.

Salt is where my journey began and the past 3 years have taught me everything I know and a little more. My department may be boring but not me. I believe that there is no joy like number-crunching and there is no high greater than collecting retainers.

My Superpower? Eating without getting fat.

Did I also mention that I am a photography enthusiast? (As long as all the photos include me!)

Fun Fact: The financial year ends on my birthday. Guess some things are just meant to be.

Gaurav Govindan

Brand Partner
A cocktail of a Malayali and a Maharashtrian (can barely speak either). The journey from Virar to Vile Parle, barring the rags to riches story. Below the belt humor enthusiast, non-sense talker, beer lover, poker rookie, gaming fiend and football fanatic "COYG".

Tulshidas Shinde

Digital Associate
Hi , I am Tulshidas not as pious as my name suggests.
Creativity for me is nothing but a deep ocean of mysterious magic.
As for hobbies, I love watching movies and travelling because magic of art is present in every piece of God's creation.