Mahesh Chauhan

Intensely passionate. Believer of dreams. Never-says-die. Nearly forget that I am human.

Life happened to me while I was trying to make something out of it. Challenges in one's teens have the ability to destroy or define an individual for life. I am glad adversity has been a stimulating and an inspiring co-traveler ever since. 

Deepa Chauhan

Wannabe Tea-Bar owner. Style statement – salt and pepper. Always have a plan B.

From being a jewelry marketer and stylist in another lifetime to domesticity and now advertising and food consultancy (and many hats worn in between) I hope I’m the proverbial rolling stone till the day I die… life is too short to be stuck in one place.

Paricher Tavaria

Creative Partner
Local-Global I Workaholic I Raise dogs I Self-Portraiter I Stereo-Colour I Bikes I Cook I Kickbox I All a part of me

Srujan Raorane

Associate Creative Director
Social. Diplomatic. Imaginative. Believer in team work. Forever a student.
Born and brought up in a family of artists, working in advertising has always been my goal. I believe in giving my 100% to every piece of work that is designed and creating designs for life.
Designing is not a philosophy, it's a lifestyle!

Akshat Mirgal

IT Manager
My name is AKSHAT, not Akshay or Arshad or Akshad. You might get it wrong the first time, but that's ok.

I'm an I.T. grad, born and brought up in Mumbai, and I manage the IT Systems & Services at SALT.

So, if there is a problem with the net or the systems, you will probably hear my name being called out loud across the office.

And when everything is working fine, you'll find me watching TV Series and Movies at my desk.

Paresh Patel

Studio Head
I have been a designer, visual artist and studio operator for over 23 years in Advertising. And in that time, I have worked with some of Mumbai’s top and finest agencies. As everyone knows Studio Department is the heart of any Advertising Agency and the roles and responsibilities are quite varied along with intricacies and challenges, yet nothing stops me. I believe in accuracy while designing any artwork even under tight deadlines. I play the Drums and Roto Toms in my free time. My humor is what keeps the atmosphere at work cheerful and encourages my team to work efficiently, to do a job that I absolutely love.

Harshada Lokhande

Creative Associate
The extrovert trapped in an introvert's body. That's me! Design girl... with designs on the world.

Zarath Bhesania

Creative Associate
Yet to live the dream | Born to be sarcastic

Seeking logic since 1995. There is a filmy worm deep inside me which drives me crazy...urging me to spread humour, tragedy, suspense and thrill 24/7!

Sunil Pandit

Finance Head
'The key to success is to focus on goals and not obstacles.'
For the last 25 years, I've been motivating people, creating positive work environments and driving change. Apart from this, I'm also the avid carrom and chess player, occasional traveller and full-time family guy.

Kedar Ranade

Accounts Associate
Bike Rider | Nature Lover.

How do I best describe myself?
Well I love playing with numbers! They amaze me.

Abutalha Ansari

Art Director
Bollywood, sports and music, that sums me up... almost!
For what I’m most obsessed with is advertising! Creativity defines me!


Sayli Sane

Brand Associate
I love taking on challenges! That’s me. Knocking off tasks on my to-do list with ease gives me a kick. You’ll often find me at my desk brainstorming with the team or when I’m out of office, you may spot me riding a bike on the streets!
I’m a trained Kathak dancer, occasional cook and almost an insomniac.

Seencha Bhutia

Brand Partner
A believer in self... I am a goal-digger, absolute go-getter, love to break boundaries, unapologetically free, self-driven, loiterer, foodie and a manipulated cat parent.

Shubham Verma

Graphic Designer
When it comes to designing, I like taking the road less travelled, even if it means taking a detour!
I enjoy writing content equally and you'll often find me at my desk daydreaming about music, poetry and art.

Rainer Dias

Brand Partner
Facing a challenge?
Need a creative fix-it for your presentation or even an innovative recipe for pancakes? Well, I've got it... or at least most of the times.
I believe in trying. I believe in falling 7 times, but standing 8.

Neha Rajpara


Living my life in duality and loving it. I do a copywriting stint at Salt and also own a fledgling stationery brand. Boxing and meditation help me get the edge off the stress that comes from running a business, and running to get to Salt on time.

I turn to Kung Fu Panda for life advice sometimes. Anyone of the three made so far.

'Tigress: If he's smart he won't come back up those stairs.
Monkey: But he will.
Viper: He's not going to quit, is he?'

Vivek Sawant

Art Director
I like to lead a very illustrated lifestyle.
It can't be boring and black and white. It has to have a variety of fonts, imagery and some madness!

I am the occasional cook, the movie buff...that guy who will pick up his bagpack and hit the road every chance I get.

And when I can't... well... let's just say I eat, sleep and play cricket.

Vinayak Kohli

Creative Director
I've always enjoyed playing with words and ideas.
Fortunately, there's this thing called advertising that allows me to play with both.
Pretty much on a daily basis.