The mysterious woman

It was just another regular night. I was exhausted and waiting to reach home so I could reincarnate into a couch potato; the only difference I don’t have a couch, neither do I believe in reincarnation. (So, yeah.) Just as I was on the home stretch, the cab app buzzed for another share ride. Irritated, I breathed in deep hoping it won’t deviate from the route we were on. But, Murphy’s Law was in its full effect that night and the driver changed directions.
The cab reached its location and started the wait time. So, we were at the location, waiting.
A minute passes by and the driver calls her and she says that she is in front of More. Confused, the driver takes a U-turn and ask people for directions to more. We end up just a few meters ahead of where we were. She got in the cab gave her OTP and settled in. Right then, an elbow jutted straight to my face and scared the indifference right out of me. She was just trying to wear her sweatshirt.
I ignored her and tried not to react but then she suddenly said, “So, what’s happening in your life?” Taken aback I didn’t know how to respond to her…. life is fine, my work is chill so yeah.”, I mumbled. (You see why I said that I generally don’t like mingling with people? My social skills aren’t one of my core strengths.
My new companion didn’t stop there and shot another question right at me, “Tell me about your relationship, family. How is everything?” Confused and also impressed by her brazen attitude and spontaneity I went with the flow and replied that my family wants me to get married but I’m against it. “I make my parents see how the guy is not right for me in one way or the other.
Then I kept quiet, I thought maybe she won’t carry the conversation further. I realized, I was wrong. This is not a normal share ride. But, who am I to define what’s normal. She continued speaking and said she does not like normal things rather she likes things messed up. She went on further by saying she likes purposely messing things up.
As she was talking about how she likes to mess things up, her voice drowned in my head and I began to imagine how she would take a knife and stab me with it and would blame the driver for it. Because this normal cab ride does not sit well with her ‘normal’ narrative. I had a poker face.
I put my imagination on mute and asked her, “Mess up…as in how?” She couldn’t give me an example for about a minute and then told me that she once woke up early at around 5 a.m. and just went out of the house for a walk.
My wild mind turned tame and I laughed thinking, how is that even messed up? But, keeping in line with my personality I kept quiet. After a brief silence, she creepily said, “You know what my husband is really cute”. I was at a loss for words. What possibly could I have said to that statement, I just smiled.
As I was nearing my destination, she kick-started my C.I.D fuelled imagination again by saying, “I want to kill that guy!” Baffled I looked at her and asked “who”? “The guy at the clinic, he’s annoying. I actually wanted to talk about that.” Now I was a minute away from my home, I quipped, “I can assure you that jail is not the kind of place you will like.”
I reached for the door and was about to get down when she said, “I think I would end up there as well”. As I unlocked my house I wondered what just happened. Was she for real? She did get me curious.

Author - Aiman Sayed

Saltpan Archive

April (1)